At Ivanhoe Homes on the Last Wednesday of each month at 2pm we have a fundraising afternoon tea. We meet in the Community room to hear a special guest speaker.  The cost is $5 per person.

Our next speaker is scheduled for:

Wednesday 29th May

Heidelberg Allstars Choir

Everyone welcome, including members of the public

We are looking forward to hearing from the rest of our speakers in 2019:

  • Wednesday 26th June                  Heidi Yuen, Acupuncturist
  • Wednesday 31st July                    Dr Dale Murphy, Ivanhoe Photographic Society
  • Wednesday 28th August              Jennifer Chrystie, Poet
  • Wednesday 25th Sept                   Bev Devidas, Office of Public Advocate Program
  • Wednesday 30th October            David Hay, Military Historian
  • Wednesday 27th November       Christmas Carols

Here is the schedule and dates for our 2019 speakers with a downloadable version here:

Wednesday 24th April 2019


Elizabeth from Bellfield Community Garden introduced her talk by explaining her reasons for becoming involved in Bellfield Community Gardens.  Essentially, she and her family were interested in growing their own food and getting their young family to understand and be involved in this too.  She said the process required quite a bit of trial and error although other members of the community are very keen to share their expertise.  The other aspect of the garden is the sense of community that this engenders. Elizabeth donated some seeds and a tomato plant for us to put into our new herb and vegetable patch in the Ryder-Cheshire gardens.  She has challenged us to care for and watch the new additions grow and when fully mature send her some photos of our flourishing garden. As usual a delicious afternoon tea was provided by the ladies from Alphington CWA. Out taste buds were duly tickled.

Wednesday 27th March 2019

It was full house at the afternoon tea as Fran Lee gave a superb presentation about her Significant Trees of Banyule exhibition.  Fran gave the background to her interest in indigenous and native trees in her local area.  She said that the City of Banyule was one of the few councils who had a register of the significant trees growing in the area.  This encouraged her to seek out the trees and make portraits of some of her favourite ones including  a sugar gum, manna gum and red ironbarks.  She noted how important it was to retain these trees as some were more than 400 years old and were still the habitat of many native birds.  Residents and visitors were able to place the trees on maps she handed out also and it’s hoped they will be able to visit them all soon.  She also detailed the process of painting particularly the leaves of the gum leaves, putting layer up on layer of paint to reflect the foliage of the trees.  She also prepares her own paints and canvases so the whole process is very time consuming.  We were very pleased to welcome Councillor Tom Melican who was taken on a short tour of the facility afterwards.

Wednesday 27th February 2019

Wednesday 27th February was the launch of the 2019 afternoon tea program.  It was a full house as Stavros Zikou from Ivanhoe Traders Association gave a terrific overview of the challenges facing shopping strips.

Liz from Australian Chocolate Emporium also gave a short presentation and distributed some delicious samples from her shop.

Wednesday was also the launch of the partnership between Ryder Cheshire Homes and the CWA Alphington and we were spoiled with scrumptious cakes and slices.


A downloadable version of our 2018 speakers is here