A large number of people volunteer on a regular or occasional basis at the Ivanhoe Home in a range of roles Including but limited to:-


  • Answering the phone
  • Accepting bookings
  • Taking messages
  • Welcoming new residents
  • Receipting payments
  • Attending to correspondence



Fund raising:

Share talents:

  • Share gifts/talents with residents, music, crafts, etc

Trading table: 

  • Provide knitted and sewn articles, novelties, etc

Trading Table goodies2


  • Shopping for residents unable to do so themselves or driving residents to shops

Care for our library of books and DVDs:

Organising activities:

  • Afternoon teas
  • Films
  • Nibbles & drinks
  • Walking & other activities

Care & Support of Patients and Carers:

  • Having a ‘cuppa’ with someone who is lonely and needing company & support
  • Anything you can do to offer care and support to people undergoing serious medical treatment and to their carers

A special group of volunteers are people who come and spend a weekend, a few days or a week or two in the role of relief resident carers.  These people have often been residents at the Ivanhoe Homes and are motivated to return as volunteers.

Here is our downloadable “Volunteers” flyer

We are always looking for more volunteers, so please contact us should you consider donating your time to our cause: